Friday, 1 August 2014

Hovercraft USA

Hovercraft USA

Hovercraft are becoming more affordable and popular now in the USA. Leisure hovercraft tend to be slower but far more durable than glass fiber hovercraft designed to win races.

Here are a few points to consider if buying a hovercraft in the USA.
Hovercraft USA

Hovercraft are very weight sensitive, so check whether the hull is designed to win races or last longer than one season.

Some suppliers fit under powered lawn mower engines because they are cheaper to buy, to remain price competitive, but then up-rate and modify the engines to get more power output - doing this invalidates warranty, since engine manufacturers don’t like their engines running in high stress mode - check the hovercraft you buy has full engine warranty.

Some suppliers scrimp on safety, and do not fit a rear fan guard - essential to keep little fingers out of the way of fan blades that swish round at 2000 rpm. Leaving the guard off, increases air throughput - something racers do to speed up their hovercraft. If you value you fingers and friends, ensure that the fans are properly guarded front and rear.

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